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Foto Vista Terrazza Villa Travignoli

Discover our History

From 500 BC to today, find out more about the history of the Travignoli winery

500 BC

This date marks the creation of ancient Etruscan stele unearthed at Travignoli that depicts a lavish wine banquet. Wine formed an important part of Etruscan daily rituals and spiritual beliefs, and the Etruscans were noted for their wine cultivation; historians believe that they even experimented with grafting and hybrid techniques.

Stele del 500 bc
Simbolo Travignoli
Simbolo Bianco e nero Travignoli

1100 AC

Vallembrosan records describe vineyards already under cultivation at the site of Travignoli in 28/11/1100.


Travignoli is left to the Florentine hospital Santa Maria Nuova in the will of its proprietor, a widow named Aloisia, along with three nearby farms.


The hospital director of Santa Maria Nuova, Barnaba degli Oddi, describes Villa Travignoli as the most important of the hospital properties. At this point, Travignoli boasts 11 small farms and two oil mills, as well as granaries and enormous cellars.

Foto antica tenuta Travignoli


The villa complex is owned by the Fiaschi family but, after the marriage between Sofia Cuccoli Fiaschi and Count Francesco Busi, Villa Travignoli becomes part of the Busi estate.

Antico logo Travignoli
premio 1924


Count Clemente Busi garners a gold medal for Travignoli at Rome's international wine exhibition for the superb quality of its Chianti wine. In 1927 Clemente Busi becomes one of the founders of the Chianti Putto Consortium.

Villa Travignoli 1960


Giampiero Busi transforms the company from sharecropping to owner cultivation, modernising the cellars and introducing new technology to

vineyard production.

italia 150


Today Travignoli is run by Giovanni Busi. The Busi family receives the "Italia 150" award from the Unioncamere Nazionale (Italian Chamber of Commerce). This award recognises Travignoli's success and longevity as one of the 150 most antique enterprises in Italy.



The Busi family celebrated Villa Travignoli's 550th anniversary by inviting importers from around the world to celebrate a unique milestone.

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